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Juliet. But you can call me God. Seriously.

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update...i updated! [Nov. 6th, 2004|01:00 pm]
Juliet. But you can call me God. Seriously.
[mood |awake]
[music |Blink-182. Down]

*smiles politely* i told you I would update this one.
please excuse numerous typos...i am having a fucking hard time typing with these long fake nails!
But they are LONGER THAN MUNUSES NAILS which is all that matters now. HAHAHAHAHSHAHAHAHHA! I BEAT YOU MUNUSE!.....when I see her again on monday shes gonna have reeeeeeally long nails isn't she?...fuck it.

so yesterday was Adeles binfire night party. It was good...as they come. She played too much Slipknot. Lets just get this clear: I am NOT a fan of Slipknot. She also played a lot of Marilyn Manson. Lets just get this clear: I am a fan of Mazza. He is tres cool.
She didn't play any McFly. Because McFly are poprock (or technically 50's Surf Guitar) therefore they 'fucking suck'. I thought Razorlight 'fucking sucked' too, but apparently they are rock music so 'fucking rock'.
After much Slipknottoroso, me and Kim snuck round the back and found....BLINK-182 CDS!!! I KNOW!!! SHOCK HORROR SCANDAL! as according to Adele, Blink-182 fucking suck. I however are listening to them now. So anyway, we played All The Small Things. It was a laugh.
Hamish was there. ie, not Conrad. I always get them mixed up.
"Isn't he the one who's always out of his head on shrooms?" "Juliet. His name is HAMISH. Of course he's not on shrooms."
At the bonfire JJ set his afro on fire. It was very amusing. In an attempt to put it out, Max poured vodka on it. I would have warned him that as a spirit it would catgch fire too. But somehow it DID put it out.

Emma, Mhairi, Kim and me finished our CD racks in art. Emma did a peace flag, Mhairi a guitar (a red, white and black fender strat...like mine!), Kim a...a thing which e painted ted and pink stripy, and I did a White Stripes candy swirl thinger.

I'm gonna do another entry about tomorrow, so you can go straight to that. BYEEEEEEE XXXXX!