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Juliet. But you can call me God. Seriously.

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Space [Nov. 19th, 2004|07:21 pm]
Juliet. But you can call me God. Seriously.
[mood |numbnumb]
[music |NME Chart Show on MTV2]

You know...astronauts? They have to stay in the space ship the whoollee time cos you wouldn't want to die out there would you (would you?). When they DO go out (yeah, I know I said they have to stay inside...) they have to wear a cord linking them to ship, so that they dont float out there, get lost in the empty space...but sometimes the cord snaps, doesn't it. And thats it. You're as good as dead, they can send as many people out to find you as they like but no one ever will. Cos theres so much of it. And theres nothing, theres nothing, you can't go up or down because theres no gravity, theres no forces. Theres nothing.

Not sure if I'm out in space or if I'm in the space ship. I feel like I'm safe, I'm in the space ship, how I was... like no one can get at me and touch me and hurt me - which would be cutting the cord, and falling into space. Or it could be the other way round, I am in space, I'm by myself and no one can ever reach me, which is good. But in the first analogy, where the space ship represesnt me and my situation -they've sent me out and the cord might break at any moment, and then I'll float away into space. Which is letting people reach me and become part of my life, letting go of my protection, letting anything maybe hurt me, cos I'm alone and there is nothing I can do to stop any of it happening.

When you're in space no one can hear you scream...