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Lets go, don't wait, lets make this last forever... - Sorry [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Juliet. But you can call me God. Seriously.

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Lets go, don't wait, lets make this last forever... [Nov. 10th, 2004|04:59 pm]
Juliet. But you can call me God. Seriously.
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[music |Blink-182 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket]

Helloooooooooo everyonnnnnnnnnne!


WhoooOOOOOOOOOOooooooooOOOOOOOOOoooooooo's got tickets to smash hits poll winners?

Yes! Thats right! I do!

Today was more school. *rollllllllls eyes* I'm getting sick of this. Can't I just....quit?
Answer: Yes. But that means no high-paying job, which means no lots of money.
I could always just get famous. But I mean...what are the chances?

Rosie had this fart-noise making thing. We sort of conducted this really funny practical joke with it.

Rosie, Emma, Neave, Leah, Marina, Beth, Isobella and I went into the lower school loos. Isobella took the fart thing and went into a toilet cubicle. We waited outside.
Farting noises started leaking from the cubicle. Year sevens and eights using the toilets were sniggering. So were Emma, Leah and Mina.
"Hey, don't be mean," says Beth. "Its' not her fault she's a little constipated."
"A LITTLE?" bursts out Rosie as one loooooong fart explodes from the toilet.
"I told you you shouldnt have eaten that curry..." I say towards the toilet door.
A series of small farts.
Beth struggles to keep a straight face. "That sounds right, is it all coming out now?"
A crowd of year eights giggle. "I'm so sorry about this," says Beth. "My friends constipated."
It keeps on like this. Suddenly theres a really LOUD fart.
"That was the one, I'm coming out now!" says Iso from inside the cubicle.
We all laugh as she comes out. The group of giggling year eights stear clear as she washes her hands. We all go out together.

OMG!!! HOW LUCKY??? Iso found a £20 note on the floor of the tuck shop! But she handed it in. Fair enough.

In History me and Dionne invented the Pencil of Doom and the Pen of Friendship and Love. See, we were bored and Dionne picked up my pencil and said, 'nice pencil.'
'Its not nice, its the Pencil of Doom.' I take the pencil and aim it at ooher like a gun. 'And it will kill you.'
'The Pencil of Doom has Snow White and Sleeping Beauty on it?'
She picks up my pen.
'But the Pen of Doom will defeat it!'
'That's not the Pen of Doom, its the Pen of Friendship... and Love.'

In Maths we did NOOOOOO work! Mr.Clarke instead talked to us about how we are a v bad class. how sorry and repentant I feel.....I'm over it. The speech was sort of redundant cos everyone argued back. And we won.
He handed out contracts for us to sign! However I pointed out that anything we sign is invalid because we are all under 16, so he can't hold us to the contracts. Everyone cheered.